Crucial Questions to Ask an LED Light Manufacturer & Supplier


There’s nothing more important than a well-lit space for your customers to shop, work, or network in, which is why it’s so crucial to have a good working relationship with your LED light manufacturer and supplier. How does one cultivate this relationship, though? It all begins with asking the right questions before you partner with any LED light supplier. The right questions will lead you to the information you need to make an informed decision about who you decide to sync up with in this field of work. Overall, the questions should lead to a sense of understanding about what you’re doing, how your money is being spent, and what you can expect from your supplier.

The 10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Potential LED Supplier

1.  What is the LED Manufacturer’s LED Performance Rating?

A performance rating is a great way to find out how an LED Light supplier is stacking up with its other customers, which can help you decide whether or not you want to work with them. In short, a performance rating is based off of ratings data from other customers. It may not always be entirely accurate if every customer or user does not submit a rating. However, a performance rating is a good reference point when you’re still in the deciding stage with your potential LED Manufacturer.

2.  How Solid is the LED Supplier?

You don’t want to enter into a contract with an LED supplier only to find that they are not reliable or even a solid business partner. This questions may be difficult to ask, especially since some suppliers will certainly be playing themselves up to make the deal. There are ways to ensure that an LED supplier is solid though. Be sure to look at customer service records, check how long this supplier has been in business, find out how many LED lighting fixtures have actually been installed and where—if you can, go to these places and check them out. You can also run a Dunn and Bradstreet report on your supplier which returns a lot of great information that you can use to fuel your decision.

3.  What is the Quality Level of the LED Light Suppliers Products?

Even if the Led Lighting Supplier you’re eyeing has great prices and great customer relations, this means nothing if the products are not high quality. You don’t want to order a number of fixtures and products that are faulty, shoddy, and unable to last for more than a few months. See if you can do a trial run of their products, as well as meet up with other customers of theirs to see how their products are holding up. Finding out how these products are manufactured, the materials used to create them, and other similar information is also helpful.

4.  What are the Technical Capabilities of the LED Supplier’s Light Fixture?

Technology is always moving forward, and this is no different with modern LED lighting. When you choose a supplier, you want to ensure that their fixtures have all the latest technical capabilities. Find out what LED chip your potential manufacturer uses, as well as how the optics are designed and created. Other criteria to check out may include opto-engineering, wattage, and lighting coverage.

5.  How Does Your LED Supplier Handle Customer Support?

If you are having any type of issue with your LED lighting supplier, you want to be sure that customer support is helpful, respectful, and kind. There’s nothing worse than facing a problem and facing poor customer support. For one thing, the issue isn’t fixed, and for another, trust is broken between you and your supplier. Again, answering this question could look like with interviewing or simply speaking with other customers of the LED supplier, as well as asking the supplier directly how they handle customer support and their specific customer support policies.

6.  Is it Easy to Get Pricing, ROI, and Tech Information from this LED Supplier?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’re going to need have data on pricing, Return on Investment (ROI) and pertinent tech information to ensure that this aspect of your business is running smoothly. Typically, your LED lighting manufacturer should be able to offer this information without problem, but you want to ensure that such info is easy to obtain, peruse, and use.

7.  Does the LED Supplier Deliver On Time?

You never want to be left in the lurch when in need of products, whether they be replacements, new installations, or repairs. Ask your potential LED Supplier how they handle deliveries, such as they time frame in which products are shipped and arrive, policies for holidays and weekends, and even return policies. This information will come in handy down the line, so don’t forget to ask about it before entering into any contracts.

8.  How is the Supplier on Energy Conservation Regulations?

Most companies today are serious about reducing their carbon footprint, which why it’s so important to see where your LED light supplier is regarding this issue. Are their products made with environmental sustainability in mind? Do they adhere to an energy conservation standard? Will they last long and do minimal environmental damage? Asking this particular question is important not just for your business, but for the earth! It isn’t difficult enforce energy conservation regulations with lighting products, especially since LED lights are much more environmentally sound than halogen or other lights. If the supplier cannot meet a proper energy conservation standard, it’s best to move on.

9.  Does the LED Light Supplier Offer Financial Solutions for their Customers?

Financial solutions are a must for LED light suppliers because they be dealing with new and startup businesses that won’t have the same financial stability as other organizations and companies. With this in mind, looking for a supplier that understands that all businesses, whether new or seasoned, may need financial solutions at one time or another. This may take the form of deals, payment plans, installment plans, and other options that make paying the supplier a little easier on the financially strapped company. As about any options or solutions a manufacturer or supplier may offer before joining up with them.

10. How Long Are the LED Light Supplier’s Products Projected to Last?

When purchasing from an LED lighting supplier, perhaps the most important question to ask is how long their products are projected to last. You don’t want to purchase a number of fixtures and other lighting products that aren’t projected to last past a year, so it is important to ask about the lifespan of the supplier’s products before purchasing or working them. Otherwise, you could face losing a lot of money on your investment, and scrambling to replace fixtures that have already died out. On average, LED light bulbs and fixtures should last more than eleven years. If your supplier says anything less, try another.

It is important to ask these crucial questions before signing a contract with an Led lighting supplier because doing so will save you time, money, and will protect your investment overall. Don’t be afraid to do some research and some digging to ensure that all your questions receive the answers they deserve.  

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